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What is the easiest way to participate in the "Silver Squeeze?"

Disclaimer: Everything contained on this website are my opinions on how someone without any previous exposure to investing in silver can get started.  My opinions have been developed over several years of investing in silver in various forms and have been my own experience your experience may differ. Nothing that is written or displayed should be taken as investment advice, I am not an investment professional.  Please do your own due diligence and speak with a qualified advisor before making any investment decisions based on your personal situation.

I participate in all four methods shown below, in quantities that fit my unique circumstances, there is no one best method for all to follow.

These four choices don't require specialized trading skills and are simple to do

Physical Silver  Possesion

Exactly as is it sounds, you hold physical silver in coin, round, or bar form in your residence or other storage location.  You have physical access to the silver without the need for any third-party intermediary involvement. 

Not a one size fits all solution, requires planning.

Custodial Holding

With this method, you purchase the silver from a trusted source and they store it for you in a secure storage facility for a monthly fee.  There are a few excellent choices out there, we will point them out and tell you which ones we use ourselves and why.

Sprott Physical Silver Bullion Trust

This is the one you see posted all over the place, PSLV is the Sprott Physical Silver Bullion Trust. A good choice unless you plan on requesting physical delivery. The minimum holding for physical delivery is currently  set at 10,000 ounces. (1000 ounce bar x 10)

Silver Mining Stocks

There are many to choose from, this is the riskiest of the four choices listed, but also has the highest profit potential.  There are a lot of good sources of information is available on the web, we will show you the ones we follow so you can begin your education in this space.


Simply put I am just a person who has been investing in sIlver and some gold over the past several years. I have been adding to my holdings on a monthly/semi-monthly basis, taking advantage of major price dips to invest more on those occasions. The recent "Silver Squeeze" movement in 2021 ignited after the GameStop short squeeze has brought the world's attention to the mostly neglected precious metals markets, especially the silver market.  The purpose of this site is to simply present the basic options that are available to anyone to participate in the accumulation of what is widely called the most undervalued asset in the world.  The goal of this site is to enable anyone with the desire to own physical silver and contribute to cumulative physical silver purchases by like-minded individuals.  We long to see the price of silver break free from the manipulated paper derivatives which defraud the world.

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Please understand, we cannot make any specific recommendations or price predictions on silver beyond that we believe the price is manipulated and that we fully intend to accumulate and hold silver for the long term.


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