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Disclaimer: Everything contained on this website are my opinions on how someone with little to no previous exposure to investing in silver can buy physical silver. My opinions have been developed over several years of investing in silver in various forms and have been my own experience your experience may differ. Nothing that is written or displayed should be taken as investment advice, I am not an investment professional.  Please do your own due diligence and speak with a qualified advisor about your personal situation before making any investment decisions.

Sprott Physical Silver Bullion Trust (PSLV)

PSLV is bought the same way you would buy any other stock in your portfolio.  This makes it very easy to buy and sell during regular stock market hours.  Visit the Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts page for the most current information.

Below is a screen capture from the Sprott website on PSLV taken on 01/06/2021, for the most up to date information, please refer to the page which is linked here.  I have personally owned PSLV for about 5 years and it has served me well for my purposes.  Please check them out and make your own decision.


Note: I have read many posts on various sites stating you can request physical delivery of the silver from your PSLV holdings should you decide to in the future.  While this is indeed true, there are minimum holding requirements, here is what is stated on their site: 

Minimum Redemption Amounts: Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV): A unitholder must have enough units to equate to ten 1000 oz silver bars

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